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Casino Work

Foxwoods Canopy And Lights
Foxwoods Canopy And Lights- (81.5 kb)
Foxwoods Lights

Foxwoods Lights- (46.1 kb)
Garage Elevator Sign Bracket

Garage Elevator Sign Bracket- (53.3 kb)

Cedars- (73.5 kb)


Bristol Gate

Bristol Gate- (59.4 kb)
Morning Glory Gate

Morning Glory Gate- (64.2 kb)
Matunic Gate

Matunic Gate- (76.9 kb)
St. Luke Gate
St. Luke Gate (178kb)

Cedars- (73.5 kb)
Pineapple Gate
Pineapple Gate (152kb)
North Kingstown Gate
North Kingstown Gate (182kb)


Yale University Fence
Yale University Fence (188kb)
Quincy Railing
Quincy Railing (201kb)
Harbor View Railing
Harbor View Railing (222kb)
Hyde Street Railing
Hyde Street Railing (212kb)
Newel (112kb)
Commonwealth Railing Panels
Commonwealth Railing Panels (225kb)
Hyde St Balcony
Hyde St Balcony (241kb)
Wellesley Circle Railing
Wellesley Circle Railing (169kb)
Wakefield Railing
Wakefield Railing (247kb)
Dartmouth Street Railing
Dartmouth Street Railing (190kb)
Hazard Road Railing
Hazard Road Railing (223kb)
Gazebo Railing
Gazebo Railing (253kb)
Back Bay Railing
Back Bay Railing
Needham Railing
Needham Railing (161kb)
Washington Street Railings
Washington Street Railings (212kb)
Broadlawn Bronze Hand Railing
Broadlawn Bronze Hand Railing (176kb)
Beechwood Railing
Beechwood Railing (174kb)
Harbor Road Railing
Harbor Road Railing (239kb)
Office Railing
Office Railing (185kb)
Abaco Railing
Abaco Railing (180kb)
New Bedford Railing
New Bedford Railing (318kb)
Brass Finials
Brass Finials (199 kb)
Church Railing
Church Railing (154kb)
Weston Railing
Weston Railing (190kb)
Nayatt Railing
Nayatt Railing (210kb)
Governor Henry Lippitt House Railing
Governor Henry Lippitt House Railing (333kb)
East Side Railing
East Side Railing (213 kb)
Cumberland Railing
Cumberland Railing (194kb)
Chestnut Hill Railing
Chestnut Hill Railing- (96.6 kb)
Goat Island Railing

Goat Island Railing- (61.3 kb)
Providence Railing

Providence Railing- (53.8 kb)
Dover Railing

Dover Railing- (55.1 kb)
Warren Historical Railing
Warren Historical Railing (183kb)
Weinshell Railings
Weinshell Railings (247kb)
The Heritage Railing
The Heritage Railing- (84.3 kb)
East Chop Railing
East Chop Railing (100 kb)
East Greenwich Railing
East Greenwich Railing (106 kb)
Waban Railing
Waban Railing (214kb)
Wellesley Railing
Wellesley Railing (172kb)
Newton Railing
Newton Railing (181kb)
North Kingstown Railing
North Kingstown Railing
NorthKingstown-Railing (192kb)
Westwood Railing
Westwood Railing (200kb)
Barrington Railing
Barrington Railing (204kb)

Fine Interior Metalwork

Bench Scrolls
Bench Scrolls (185 kb)
Lens Stand
Lens Stand (140 kb)
Ocean View Door Grill
Ocean View Door Grill (173kb)
Boston Grills
Boston Grills (169kb)
Bronze Skylight
Bronze Skylight- (113kb)
Wellesley Gate
Wellesley Gate (125kb)
Charles River Square Door Grill
Charles River Square Door Grill (98.9 kb)

Fine Metal Furniture

Spring Street Coffee Table
Spring Street Coffee Table (222kb)
Medford Table
Medford Table (198 kb)
Harbor Road Table
Harbor Road Table (138kb)
Woodland Rose Table

Woodland Rose Table (136kb)

Statuary Tables
Statuary Tables (128kb)
Teatime Table & Chair
Teatime Table & Chair
TeatimeTable& (165kb)
Vine Stools

Vine Stools- (63.3 kb)
Oak Mirror

Oak Mirror- (56.2 kb)
Bed Frame

Bed Frame- (49.7 kb)
Beverly Bed Frame
Beverly Bed Frame (190kb)

Fireplace Screens & Accessories

Polished Steel Fireplace Screens
Polished Steel Fireplace Screens (135kb)
Cranston Fireplace Screen
Cranston Fireplace Screen (192kb)
Falmouth Fireplace Screen
Falmouth Fireplace Screen (153kb)
Westport Fireplace Screen
Westport Fireplace Screen (178kb)
Beechwood Fireplace Screen
Beechwood Fireplace Screen (211kb)
Norfolk Fireplace Screen
Norfolk Fireplace Screen (196kb)
Fireplace Set
Fireplace Set (181kb)
Glass Fireplace Doors
Glass Fireplace Doors (187kb)
Fire Place Doors
Fire Place Doors (150 kb)
Fire Place-
appeared in Feb. 1993 issue of Decorating Remodeling Magazine

 Fire Place- (47.9 kb)


Sconces (174kb)
Bronze Lantern
Bronze Lantern
Bronze (182kb)
Barrington Chandelier
Barrington Chandelier
Barrington (158kb)
Bristol Lights
Bristol Lights (142kb)

Liturgical Works

Gravestone (160kb)
Cross with Flowers
Cross with Flowers (190kb)
Sanctuary Flower Stand
Sanctuary Flower Stand (161kb)
Bronze Cross
Bronze Cross (100kb)
Menorah (89.7kb)


Copper Cupola
Copper Cupola (125kb)
Weathervane (128kb)
Seekonk Weathervane
Seekonk Weathervane (116kb)
Bristol County Court House Weathervane
Bristol County Court House Weathervane (180)
Kyoto Weathervane
Kyoto Weahtervane (113kb)
Hartford Weathervane
Hartford Weathervane (145kb)
New Hampshire Weathervane
New Hampshire Weathervane (113kb)
Bristol Weathervane
Bristol Weathervane (180kb)


Signs At The Pastry Gourmet

Signs At Pastry Gourmet- (54.1 kb)


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